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Falcone is an outstanding player who delivers captivating interpretations on the two instruments he has chosen for this recording.

Musica Dei Donum

Johan van Veen


Falcone is persuasive in his interpretations [...] this recording certainly helps to promote his importance.

Early Music Review

Noel O'Regan


… un jeu plein de finesse

et de libre lyrisme.


Emmanuel Lacoue-Labarthe


Falcone esegue con grande maestria i diversi brani della raccolta [...]. II risultato complessivo fornisce un quadro di notevole suggestione.

Critica Classica
Marco Del Vaglio

A fine musician, who plays on equally sublime instruments, beautifully recorded. It has all the makings of success, and I can do nothing else as wholeheartedly recommend this disc.


Primarily Reviewing Classical Music

Un clavecin foisonnant, a la fois précis et libre, mais surtout très inventif dans la réalisation du continuo (gammes en fusées, contre-chants, réponses toujours bienvenues...).

Le joueur de luth

Bulletin de la société française du luth


Fabio Antonio Falcone spielt alles auf zwei wunderbar klingenden und sehr gut aufgenommenen Kopien zweier italienischer Instrumente jener Zeit, hat eine lebendige, präzise und sehr fur sich einnehmende Art, die Musik zu vermitteln.

Prospero - Forum für alte Musik

Mr Falcone's rendering of these works gives great enjoyment. He can recognize the difference between the structural parts of the music and the ornamental decorative gesture. There is a flexibility that lets the music breath. So much of this early keyboard repertoire is recorded rather stiffly — not so here.

American Recording Guide

Wer bisher kein Interesse hatte an dieser frühen Musik, der bekommt sie hier, Falcone spielt als ein leiclenschaftlicher Protege dieser Musik werbend und gewinnend

Musik Medienhaus

Der mit dieser Musik hörpar bestens vertraute Fabio Antonio Falcone weiss dies alles so musikant sch und ausdrucksvoll darzustellen, dass sich Befürchtungen etwaig aufkommender Langeweile angesichts dieses «einseitig» anmutenden Repertoires rasch zerstreuten und man gerne auch über längere Strecken hinweg zuhört.

Organ - Journal für die Orgel

The hardest thing to overcome in a recording of this kind is balancing out the different volumes of quite different instruments and that has been accomplished superbly. The organ used here is a 17th-Century instrument set in the choir loft of the Church of San Giuseppe, Montevecchio di Pergola. This is a small 45-key manual and 9 pedals, with 21 pipes. The sound is captured well in this recording and Falcone's interpretations are equally fine.


Falcone carefully sequences the works to provide contrast and maintain listener interest. He also varies the instruments he performs on, which also helps vary the sound of the recording.

WTJU University of Virginia

[...] a huge accomplishment! [...] fine flowing, easy and relaxed music making does the music great credit. It breathes freely, and melodies have the time to blossom. I like it very much [...] Recommended.

Primarily Reviewing Classical Music

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